by Nick LeBlanc



feelin' haunted


released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Nick LeBlanc New Bedford, Massachusetts

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Track Name: ghosts
lying in bed, im dancing with dreams. my body aches. i consider the distance from then 'til now...i'm a stranger. drunken stumbling, shuffling, and i was gripped, i was held. i'm a stranger. i couldn't sleep then, i can hardly sleep now. i'm a stranger

whether followed or abandoned, rejected or accepted. tricky games of memory and our changing reflections. dirty mirror, bloody sock, bloody mirror, broken hand, empty talk, all talk, we're all strangers.

there was that one time it was freezing and the window was stuck. we hadn't sheets or pillows and we held on to one another just so we could keep warm. all our life was that embrace. a fleeting comfort fading before it's begun. that time i left, she cried and it made me feel i mattered to her. i curse those childish lies and the ghosts that still haven't left me yet, ever haunting. how their cries still echo as i lay down dancing with my dreams.

i'm a stranger.
we're all strangers.
Track Name: bones brittle break
drag me over a line of coals
pull me into the sea
time will wash you from head to toe
bones brittle break easy

drag me
you won't be there
in the morning
when i wake up

drag me down

drag me up on the shore
take me out of the sea
give me a taste of your breath
and i won't die
i can't die
Track Name: happy as a clam
i'm as happy as a turtle with a pint on its back
i'm as merry as a clam buried up to my neck
a wooded early walk through the cold new england mist
invigorates the soul and you feel such bliss